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About Us

Lisa Ramsay owner of Burgers With Attitude says

My driving passion is to create and make the best burgers so that my customers can enjoy the sumptuous experience of slower cooked burgers whether they are meat lovers, vegetarians or vegans.

I welcome feedback from my consumers because I know that you all share my passion for the finest, healthiest and best tasting burgers.

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Beef and Lamb Burgers

Succulent beef patty, red onion, melted cheddar, Swiss & American cheese, pickles, mustard & tomato sauce.

Other Menu


Beef, Lamb, Steak Burgers

Triple Cheese & Bacon
$ 20.00

Three beef patties, 9 slices of cheese and a generous serving of bacon, served with your choice of sauce


Chicken Burger

$ 15.00

Marinated chicken topped with our cheese mix, bacon, pineapple, lettuce and red onion served with beetroot relish and aioli.


Vegetarian Burgers

Pumpkin Burger
$ 14.00

Homemade crumbed pumpkin patty, brie cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion served with beetroot relish, tomato relish and aioli.